As the Feds Fail, States Step Up

( – Illegal aliens coming over the southern border of the United States has been an issue for decades, but something changed that created a tsunami of people crossing rather than a stream. That something would be President Joe Biden and the Liberal cohort running the executive branch, and it actually began during the 2020 election battle between him and then President Donald Trump.

Things became so dire that Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Attorney General Ken Paxton took some extreme — but very necessary — measures to protect their citizens, and now other GOP governors are sending them help.

No Longer “Lone” Star

Since 1836, when Texas declared its independence from Mexico, the leaders adopted a flag with the iconic single white star on the blue background in honor of their “go-it-alone” spirit that still lives on today. In January of this year, Governor Abbott released a statement reaffirming his position that the Biden administration had abdicated its duty to stop the “invasion” of illegal immigrants, potent drugs such as fentanyl, and human traffickers. These are the reasons he gave when instituting Operation Lone Star in 2021, the initiative to protect his state himself. It turns out, he’s not alone afterall.

Tennessee’s moniker as the Volunteer State took on a new meaning recently as members of their National Guard did exactly that for a deployment to Texas to assist it in enforcing federal laws that Biden and his Attorney General Merrick Garland have decided are less important than the Progressive Liberal Agenda.

They are following in the footsteps of other states with Republican governors such as Ohio, Florida, and Virginia along with 10 more (as of March 4). Again, this is nothing new on the part of the Democrats, because, as a video clip posted by former Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) shows, Biden was urging a surge to the border by groups of illegal aliens during one of the debates during the Democratic Party 2020 primary season.

Abbott’s statements (2021 and 2024) clearly outline the provisions of the United States Constitution that give the individual States of the union to protect themselves when the powers that be in Washington D.C. fail in their sworn duty. The missive accuses Biden of “wasting taxpayer dollars to tear open Texas’s border security infrastructure,” which would seem to be a reference to federal agents cutting down concertina wire put in place along the banks of the Rio Grande River in Eagle Pass, Texas.

The governor also noted that by removing the barriers Biden has not only added to the massive humanitarian crisis that he instigated, but has shown what one could reasonably term a callous disregard for human life. Instead of heading to the 28 legitimate points of entry with bridges that span the Rio Grande, those wishing to make an entry into the United States are taking the very real risk of drowning.

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