Arson Suspect Picked Up for Armed Robbery Mere Hours After Jail Release

( – In the summer of 2020, America saw Antifa and Black Lives Matter (BLM) “peaceful protests” result in the burning and plundering of stores across the country, many times with no consequences in deep Blue and/or Sanctuary cities. This time period also saw a rise in calls to defund the police, cries for bail reform, and the establishment of “autonomous zones” that were essentially camps for armed brigands in Portland, Oregon, and Seattle, Washington. The ideals that spawned these incidents are still in play today amongst the Progresses and Liberals, and that may have been a gift to one person on Long Island, New York.

$0 Bail

Police and prosecutors in Southhampton Town, New York, allege that 41-year-old Amanda Burnside attempted to set fire to two houses on the evening of November 12, and managed to get a blaze going on a bench and porch of a third home. The officers who responded to the three 911 calls about someone trying to burn the residences to the ground, said that the final victim was able to extinguish the fire and that nobody was injured.

One thing that Burnside apparently has an overabundance of is, chutzpah. It was reported that at the scenes of the first two alleged attempts to torch the houses, after pouring accelerant on the porches, she could not get her lighter to work. When the second homeowner confronted her, she calmly asked if they had one she could use to finish the job.

According to a news release posted on the city’s police website, Burnside was taken into custody and then appeared in Southhampton Justice Court the next morning where she was released without bail. What follows shows the brass cojones the suspect carries. The police claim that shortly after walking out of the courtroom, she went to a nearby Dollar Tree Store and attempted to rob it at knifepoint.

Republican Suffolk County District Attorney Raymond Tierney released a statement expressing his anger and frustration, but not necessarily with the court. The ADA in court that day requested bail be set at $500,000 cash/$1 million bond stating concerns about the danger that Burnside would pose to the public if released, however, the judge was forced to release her on her own recognizance.

Republicans like Tierney and State Senator Patrick Gallivan feel that when the Liberals forced through their bail reform measure, they made a major mistake when they removed the ability of a judge to consider a defendant’s “dangerousness” in the process. But the Left being the Left, groups like the American Civil Liberties Union of New York (NYCLU) make pronouncements such as “[i]n our racially unjust society, ‘dangerousness’ inevitably becomes a proxy for what race a person is.”

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