Adams Accuses Fellow Dems of Being Too Far Left

( – New York Mayor Eric Adams (D) has been falling out with his fellow Democrats over illegal immigration this year. Now he’s broken ranks on crime, too. The former cop has accused his party of being too left-wing on law and order issues.

On December 20, New York City’s Democrat-dominated city council passed two new policing bills. One bans solitary confinement in the city’s jails unless an inmate is involved in violence in custody; the other forces officers to record the race and gender of everyone they meet during an investigation or on patrol.

Adams, a 22-year NYPD veteran who retired as a captain in 2006, opposed both bills; however, they were passed with a veto-proof majority, so there’s nothing he can do to stop them from becoming law. NYC’s police and jail guard unions are also opposed to the bills.

Talking to radio host John Catsimatidis later that day, Adams blasted the out-of-touch council. He accused the far-left faction in City Hall of “digging in deep” over so-called “progressive” issues and refusing to compromise with moderates. He said ultra-liberal activists who “don’t believe in supporting police” are writing the legislation and giving it to council members, who just vote it through.

Adams is facing a popularity crisis, with his approval ratings now at just 28% — a record low. Much of the blame for that goes back to the immigration crisis; Adams says up to 4,000 migrants are arriving in the city every week, overwhelming its public services and forcing severe budget cuts. Angry New Yorkers then blame the mayor for the city’s deteriorating services. Adams, unlike many Democrats, seems to actually understand what people want; he says people “want their police to do public safety, and not filling out paperwork.” Unfortunately for him — and New York City — the council has other ideas.

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