2 Taliban Members, 1 Officer Killed in Pakistan

(RightWing.org) – President Donald Trump negotiated the 2022 Doha Peace Agreement (named after the capital city of Qatar where it was signed) with the Afghanistan Taliban that outlined the drawdown of the United States military and those of the coalition forces to conclude America’s longest war. Almost immediately upon taking office, President Joe Biden unilaterally altered the timeline which resulted in the terrorist group immediately renewing their attacks and capturing the capital of Kabul so quickly that it led to the debacle the world saw in August 2021.

The people left behind have been paying the price since then, sometimes on the macro scale of society and at other times as individuals or small groups. Now two Taliban members have been killed along with a Pakistani police leader. Here’s what we know so far.

The Martyred Leader

Superintendent of Police (SP) Ijaz Khan was leading a raid against militants from the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP/Pakistani Taliban) and Mardan in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa when a massive shootout erupted. In the aftermath, it was discovered that he and two of the terrorists were dead and the deputy SP and several other officers were injured.

The TTP has been considered a loose affiliate of the Afghan terrorist organization that is now the de facto ruling government, which has been increasing the weight of Sharia law pushing down the civilian population since Biden abandoned them. The group took hope from the successes they saw their brethren have after the Americans left and wants to emulate that for themselves in Pakistan.

It could be that the TTP’s desire to displace the current government in Islamabad played a very large role in bringing about the violent confrontation that lost Khan his life. Because they have allegedly been engaged in terror-related activities in Pakistan’s tribal areas that border Afghanistan, the current leadership has been pressuring Kabul to take action against them.

Considering what has been going on in Afghanistan since coming to power and the TTP’s hope to establish an Islamic caliphate mirroring it, it is likely that the officials in Islamabad will find strong public support. According to a report from United Nations (UN) Women released on the second anniversary (August 14, 2023) of the US withdrawal, “the Taliban have systematically imposed a set of meticulously constructed policies of inequality that impact every part of a woman’s life.”

The UN document includes a link to a project titled After August which is a repository of “the stories of Afghan women and girls,” providing first-hand accounts of how life has changed for them in just two short years. The 2021 events also broke faith with those who were promised visas for themselves and their families to come to America for the assistance they provided the US military. Accounts of kidnapping and torture abound of those who were left behind to the tender mercies of their new Islamic overlords.

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