Wozniak Rushed to Hospital in Mexico

(RightWing.org) – Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple, has had a medical emergency in Mexico. Local media outlets said he suffered a possible stroke. Other sources claimed it was just an attack of vertigo. Now Wozniak himself has confirmed the stroke — but he hasn’t given any updates on his current condition.

When Steve Wozniak was 26, he and his business partner Steve Jobs decided to start a computer company. That company, Apple, is now the world’s biggest company — and that’s due to Wozniak because while Jobs was a business visionary, Wozniak was the one who could actually design computers.

Now 73, he’s still on the company’s books despite having effectively left in 1985, after he decided Apple was going in the wrong direction. His role at Apple has been ceremonial since then, but he’s stayed active in the technology industry, launching several new companies and attending industry conferences. Recently he traveled to Mexico City for a World Business Forum event, but the trip hasn’t gone smoothly.

Wozniak was scheduled to speak at the event on November 8. Entertainment outlet TMZ reported that he finished his speech but then felt ill while other outlets claim he got sick before giving his speech. His wife insisted he go to a local hospital. According to TMZ, he was suffering from vertigo, but Mexican sources say he had a stroke.

Now Wozniak himself has confirmed the Mexicans were right; in a text message conversation with ABC News, he said he’d felt dizzy and realized he couldn’t walk. At that point, he went to the hospital where an MRI showed a “minor but real stroke.”

ABC said Wozniak has now been discharged from hospital and is back home in the US. It’s still unclear how he’s doing.

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