White House Quietly Cleans Up Biden’s Messy Comments on Israel

(RightWing.org) – Republicans and Democrats alike are walking a tightrope regarding the Isreal/Hamas War. However, President Joe Biden — with his tendency to blurt out what he really thinks — has faced mounting criticism, particularly among younger voters, a key demographic in his bid for a second term. True to form, and perhaps to appease them, he recently indicated he was open to shifting his unconditional backing of Israel, forcing the White House into damage-control mode.

On November 24, Biden spoke with reporters during a Massachusetts campaign stop about the recent release of a group of hostages from Hamas-controlled Gaza. One of the reporters decided to address the elephant in the room and asked the president about his position regarding calls from some Democratic lawmakers for him to place conditions on future aid to Israel — “You know, a reduction in the bombing…that [kind] of thing,” the reporter explained.

Biden quickly responded that the request/demand was “a worthwhile thought,” kicking off a chain of criticism among lawmakers, media outlets, and concerned individuals worldwide. Perhaps he sensed the impending storm he unleashed because Biden quickly followed up by hinting that he didn’t think the circumstances would have arisen leading to the hostages’ release had he “started off” by exerting some pressure on Israel by using the leverage of the mighty American purse.

A few days later, the White House dispatched national security advisor Jake Sullivan to meet privately with a group of Democratic senators to discuss the Biden administration’s ongoing alliance with Israel. Whether or not he was sent to walk back the president’s recent remarks is unclear, but whether he was operating under direct orders or not, that’s exactly what he appeared to do.

For example, Sen. Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) spoke with The Associated Press about the confidential meeting. He confirmed that the national security advisor “made it clear” that the Biden administration wasn’t interested in setting “any conditionality” on future aid to Israel. Apparently wanting to help the president out, Van Hollen stressed the point, telling the news outlet that he, too, wanted to “leave that very clear.” The AP spoke with another individual familiar with the substance of the meeting who confirmed Hollen’s recounting of Sullivan’s remarks.

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