Virginia Planning to End CA Emissions Standards

( – Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin is severely handicapped by the fact that his fellow Republicans don’t control either of the state’s legislative chambers. However, that hasn’t stopped him from openly defying President Joe Biden’s relentless push for greener policies — aided and abetted by his Democratic accomplices.

On June 5, Youngkin’s office issued a press release announcing his decision to end enforcement of California’s electric vehicle mandate in Virginia at the end of the year. The Golden State’s current regulations governing auto manufacturing expire on December 31.

The statement explained that Youngkin and Virginia Senate Minority Leader Ryan McDougle asked Republican Attorney General Jason Miyares if Virginia was required to comply with the new mandates adopted by the “unelected” members of California’s Air Resources Board, scheduled to go into effect on January 1, 2025. Miyares confirmed that Youngkin had the authority to let the previous mandate expire and chose not to comply with the new one.

Youngkin previously tried to get Virginia lawmakers to repeal the state’s law requiring it to comply with California’s radical green vehicle mandate. However, with Democrats in charge of the House of Delegates and Senate, that effort proved futile.

The governor’s decision not to adopt California’s new standards should hold. Democrats may have the votes to pass legislation requiring Virginia’s renewed compliance, but they lack the two-thirds majority necessary to overturn Youngkin’s anticipated veto should they try to embrace California’s radical green restriction.

Virginia Democrats hold only 21 of 40 Senate seats, far less than the required 27 votes to override a veto. Likewise, they have 51 in the House of Delegates but need 67 votes.

Youngkin spoke out about the decision to abandon compliance with a mandate handed down by officials in California. He noted, “Once again, Virginia is declaring independence… from a misguided electric vehicle mandate imposed by unelected [officials] nearly 3,000 miles away.” Youngkin also stressed the ridiculous nature of the idea that government officials can tell consumers “what kind of car they can or can’t purchase.”

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