US Border Overwhelmed by “Walk-Aways”

( – Border agents are warning of a new issue on our collapsing southern border. The flood of illegal immigrants is now so overwhelming that hundreds of people are simply walking away and disappearing into the US because the Border Patrol doesn’t have the time and manpower to deal with them.

On March 25, the Washington Times reported that the situation at the US-Mexican border is so bad that agents just can’t deal with the volume of illegal immigration anymore. Things were bad enough already with thousands of migrants being released into the US by federal agencies, and the Biden administration flying in thousands more directly from their own countries. Now Border Patrol agents say there’s a new problem — “walk-aways,” who just cross the border and walk into our towns and cities.

Former FBI agent and Customs and Border Patrol acting commissioner Mark Morgan told reporters that large groups of illegal immigrants are being sent across the border by people traffickers and told to wait for US agents to process them. The problem is that there aren’t enough agents to cope with the volume of illegal border crossings; sometimes these groups have to wait for days before Border Patrol can get around to them, and a lot of them don’t wait that long. Instead, they just get up and leave, either back into Mexico or — more often — into the US.

That means they’ve entered our country without even the basic processing usually done by agents. We don’t know anything about them — who they are, whether they have a criminal record, where they plan to go, or what they plan to do.

San Diego Border Patrol sector chief Brent L Schwerdtfeger says because these migrants aren’t in custody, they’re free to leave the groups they crossed the border with “at any point prior to arrest.” The problem is they aren’t being arrested, so they can just disappear into our society and US law enforcement doesn’t even know they’re here. As Morgan — who ran Border Patrol under the Trump administration — said, “What’s driving 85% of this crisis is bad policy.”

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