There’s a New Epidemic — And No One Is Talking About It

( – The National Cancer Institute recently reported that about two million people will receive a cancer diagnosis in the United States in 2023. The overall age-adjusted rate of new cases remained stable between 2015 and 2019. However, there’s a new cancer epidemic among younger Americans that no one in the mainstream media is talking about.

During the last few years, academic, government, medical, and research websites have been discussing the rising levels of colorectal cancer (CRC), a form of cancer that strikes the colon and rectum. Frequently referred to as colon cancer, the disease is expected to experience a massive expansion of epic proportions in the next few years.

In 2015, the Journal of the American Medical Association, JAMA Surgery, published the results of an in-depth research study involving the “increasing disparities” in the incidences of colon cancer among different age groups. The paper detailed the decreasing levels of diagnoses of CRC in patients 50 years and older.

However, the research study documented a disturbing increase in the incidence rate for individuals 49 and under. The researchers predicted that the rate of CRCs for individuals aged 20 to 34 would increase by 90% by 2030 based on current trends. Similarly, the rate for people from 35 to 49 would increase by 46.0%.

Other research papers and academic reports noted similar results, including a 48-page fact sheet published by the American Cancer Society on CRC for 2020 through 2022, a study published by Digestive Medicine Research in 2021, a 2023 academic article published by the University of Colorado’s Anshutz Medical Campus, and a 2023 peer-reviewed MDPI study published by the National Institutes of Health.

Several research studies and academic reports discussed a high prevalence of physicians misdiagnosing CRC, contributing to the disease’s increase among young people. Likewise, they found rising numbers of late diagnoses as well. As a result, in May 2021, the US Preventative Services Task Force lowered its recommended screening age for CRC from 50 to 45.

Curiously, no one in the mainstream media has been talking about this rising epidemic. The British tabloid Daily Mail recently published several articles detailing the rise of CRC and the issues surrounding misdiagnosis. But the rest of the news industry appears largely mute on the subject.

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