Target Has Apparently Learned Nothing From Past Campaigns

( – Retail chain Target has had a rough year. In the run-up to June’s Pride celebrations, stores set up displays of LGBTQ-themed merchandise — but ran into a massive consumer backlash. You’d think that would have forced a rethink when it came to future marketing decisions. And, apparently, you’d be wrong. Target now seems to be making exactly the same mistakes again, and with the vital Christmas shopping season already getting into gear, they could have serious consequences this time.

Future economists could look at 2023 as the year woke capitalism hit the buffers. Bud Lite’s catastrophic decision to partner with trans activist Dylan Mulvaney cost it its place as America’s most popular beer. Target was forced to take trans-friendly merchandise off the shelves after outraged customers pushed back. It seems Target hasn’t learned its lesson, though. It’s introduced a new range of woke Christmas decorations — and the internet is already mocking it mercilessly.

Target’s new range of Christmas decorations includes a black Santa Claus tree ornament in a wheelchair. The figure of Santa Claus comes from English folklore and was inspired by the Dutch version of Saint Nicholas, a Roman bishop born in present-day Greece. Why make him black, and why put him in a wheelchair? Neither of these fits with the folklore around Santa. And why is Target also selling a toy soldier figure, styled after a traditional nutcracker, then painted it in Pride colors and giving it a trans flag to hold?

It looks like Target still thinks there’s a huge potential market of woke shoppers waiting to be tapped, but it’s more likely what they’re about to get is another reminder of why Modelo Especial is the most popular US beer these days. Social media users have been mocking the new products; popular X (formerly Twitter) account End Wokeness said “Target outdid itself this year for Christmas” while satirical website The Babylon Bee wrote a whole article ridiculing the retailer’s decision. Perhaps Target will get the message this time — but if another customer backlash hits it during the most important month of the retail year, it could be an expensive lesson.

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