Six Inmates Die in Troubled Prison

( – HM Prison Parc (HMP Parc) is a privately operated correctional facility operated by the United Kingdom in Wales. The facility has experienced numerous problems, including race-based violence, suicides, and inadequate security features since its 1997 opening. Recent reports indicate that six inmates recently died in the troubled prison.

On March 20, several British news agencies reported that six inmates housed at HMP Parc had died in less than four weeks. The prison reported two deaths on February 27, John Rose and Jason Hussey. Since then, an additional four prisoners have died. So far, authorities haven’t released their names.

Media outlets reported that G4S, the London-based private security company that operates HMP Parc, issued a statement advising that the Prison and Probation Ombudsman (PPO) had launched an investigation into those deaths. So far, the PPO hasn’t provided any information regarding its probe. The G4S statement also stated that the company’s “thoughts” were with the deceased prisoners’ family and friends.

WalesOnline contacted G4S after unnamed sources “close to” HMP Parc told the media company about the series of recent deaths at the prison. However, the security company refused to provide “provisional causes of death” or any additional information about the incidents or decedents.

The Daily Mail theorized that the deaths could have been related to recent complaints lodged by inmates against officials at G4S. The prisoners reportedly detailed several allegations involving widespread bullying and corruption, easy access to illegal drugs, and romantic affairs between inmates and staff members.

A spokesperson for the PPO did respond to an inquiry submitted by WalesOnline. That individual said that the federal agency was “carrying out independent investigations” into the prisoner’s deaths.

For those unfamiliar with the organization, the UK’s Secretary of State for Justice appoints the members of the PPO. That public body investigates inmate deaths and complaints lodged by prisoners, offenders supervised by probation officers, and individuals detained under immigration laws.

The PPO also investigates the circumstances surrounding the deaths of recently released prisoners. The PPO covers all prison and probation cases within England and Wales.

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