School Shooter Was Armed With Pellet Gun When Killed

( – According to the latest data from the Gun Violence Archive, 147 confirmed mass shootings have taken place in the US so far in 2024. Understandably, law enforcement officials react quickly to any hint of an incident. Sadly, a recent report indicated that Wisconsin law enforcement officers shot and killed a suspected mass shooter armed with a less-than-lethal weapon in a small south-central town of roughly 7,700 people.

The Mount Horeb Police Department (MHPD) issued a press release on its Facebook page detailing the deadly incident. The statement explained that police officers responded to a reported sighting of an individual outside the town’s middle school carrying a weapon on May 1.

The notice advised that MHPD officers used lethal force “when faced with a deadly threat” from the suspect. The statement also confirmed that the Wisconsin Department of Justice’s Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI) would spearhead the investigation into the shooting and events surrounding the incident.

On May 1, the Wisconsin DOJ released a notice providing additional details. The notice explained that the shooting took place outdoors and that the suspect “never gained entry” to the interior of the school buildings. The press release also advised that the suspect was a Mount Horeb School District student but did not provide additional details about their identity.

The following day, the Wisconsin DOJ issued an update. The statement explained that a resident contacted the MHPD at approximately 11:11 a.m. local time after witnessing an individual approaching the middle school wearing a backpack and carrying “what appeared to be a long gun.” Law enforcement officials later recovered a Ruger 0.177 caliber air rifle pellet gun at the scene.

Police officers encountered the suspect near the school’s main entrance and ordered that individual to drop their weapon — but to no avail. Instead, the suspect pointed the pellet gun at police officers. The officers reacted by discharging their service weapons and striking the subject. Officials deployed lifesaving measures at the scene but were unable to revive the suspect.

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