Rumpf Has Public Meltdown Over Disney/DeSantis Ruling

( – Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) recently scored a significant victory when US District Court Judge Allen Winsor issued a ruling dismissing a lawsuit filed by Walt Disney Parks and Resorts last April. The judge’s ruling effectively ended the company’s attempt to regain control of the district board overseeing its operations to create benefits for itself not afforded to other Florida businesses.

That decision apparently didn’t sit well with native Floridian and Mediaite Contributing Editor Sarah Rumpf, and she had a public meltdown.

On January 31, Rumpf posted a 17-part rant on X, previously known as a “Twitter Tirade.” She began by lashing out at the Florida law granting DeSantis the authority to appoint members to the Reedy Creek Improvement District.

Following Disney’s line of reasoning, she accused DeSantis of revoking their right to self-governance as payback for the company’s exercise of its so-called protected speech — in the instant case, criticizing some of the governor’s policies regarding the LGBTQ+ community.

Playing the victim on Disney’s behalf, Rumpf wrote that the judge’s ruling set a “dangerous precedent,” adding that she didn’t support the government being “weaponized this way against anyone.”

Pivoting into personal attacks, Rumpf lashed out at “DeSantis’ puppet board.” She said its members weren’t “winning culture wars.” Instead, they were “making the [Disney] parks less safe.”

Rumpf appeared to lose the plot with her subsequent posts by ranting about efforts by the board to “defund the police” and “slash the [district’s] road maintenance budget.” She also pointed to “serious concerns” regarding the environmental impact of the district board’s decision and accused them of using substandard fertilizers and pesticides.

Perhaps sensing that she took things a bit too far, Rumpf concluded her remarks with a disclaimer that advised readers she wasn’t “having a bad day or some nonsense.” Nope, she was enjoying some “nice soup” from her favorite “ramen place” and enjoying life.

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