Photos and Video Of Fighter Jet Crash Released

( – Bernalillo County Fire Department and Albuquerque Fire Rescue teams responded to a military aircraft crash site near Albuquerque International Sunport Airport on May 28. Unable to extinguish the raging blaze, they called for reinforcements from nearby Kirtland Air Force Base. Residents and media outlets capture photographs and video footage of the incident.

NBC affiliate KOB broadcast video footage and photographs on its website on the day of the incident. The opening clip showed video footage of several first responders holding hoses and spraying the wreckage. It also included an audio recording of the pilot’s frantic call to airport officials advising that his aircraft went down.

Other photos and footage in the broadcast included footage of a roaring blaze at the crash site. Viewers could observe deep orange flames and thick black smoke rising from the wreckage. KOB also showed the images of the foam-covered wreckage and other footage of the deep black, charred remains of the aircraft.

KOB reported that Lockheed Martin officials later confirmed rumors that the plane involved in the incident was an F-35B Lightning II fighter jet. The US Marine Corps used that aircraft for close air support and force projection from expeditionary airfields and amphibious assault ships.

Media outlets reported that the pilot successfully ejected himself from the fighter jet moments before it crashed. First responders found him near the crash site, unconscious and suffering from serious injuries. He remains hospitalized in serious but stable condition.

The pilot was traveling from an unspecified Fort Worth, Texas airport to Edwards Air Force Base in California. He stopped to refuel at Kirtland Air Force Base shortly before the crash.

KOB news anchor Trevor Thompson posted a photograph of the smoldering wreckage on his X/Twitter page. He advised that witnesses told reporters the aircraft appeared to be experiencing technical issues shortly after takeoff. However, he said officials hadn’t released any information regarding the possible cause of the crash.

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