Out of Control Illegals Now Violently Turning on Each Other

(RightWing.org) – New York City is getting another lesson on why southern states are fed up with President Biden’s open border policies. Illegal immigrants sent north by Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) are already swamping the city’s resources. Now they’re turning violent and targeting each other.

On October 7, an illegal immigrant was standing outside the city shelter he’s staying in when two fellow residents approached him. They knocked him down, held a sharp object against his neck, and stole his wallet before running away. However, they were caught shortly after; one was identified as a suspected member of the Sureño-13, a network of Mexican-American gangs founded in California in the 1960s. The suspect, Masael Aguilar, has 16 prior arrests; his accomplice, Steven Cuatlati, has six.

The next day, three illegals were near another shelter when a group of six men attacked them with another sharp object and a metal chain. The three were robbed of cash and cell phones. Again cops managed to catch the perpetrators; all six are illegals, staying at the same shelter on Randall’s Island as their victims.

This isn’t the first time NYC has suffered from criminal migrants; in one high-profile case in January, four illegals were arrested after stealing over $12,000 worth of goods from a Long Island Macy’s. However, now it seems they’re turning to street robbery. So far all the known victims have been fellow migrants — but how long will it be before they turn their attention to native New Yorkers?

The situation isn’t likely to improve anytime soon, either. As well as periodic buses sent from Texas, illegals are still making their own way to New York, too. NYC Mayor Eric Adams (D) is pleading for no more to come to the city, pointing out that shelters are full and his budget can’t cope anymore. But the migrants aren’t listening. They’re still determined to head for the big city, and the Biden administration still won’t stop them coming in.

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