NPR Editor Rebukes Outlet’s Coverage of Major News

( – Republicans have warned the public for years that mainstream media outlets weren’t accurately reporting the news. Now, a longtime National Public Radio (NPR) staffer recently published an explosive report confirming those suspicions. Here’s what we know.

On April 9, NPR editor Uri Berliner posted an article on The Free Press (TFP) spilling the beans on his 25 years of work for the publicly-funded outlet. For those unfamiliar with the site, TFP is a relatively new media company focusing on articles that mainstream outlets ignore or misconstrue due to their ideological leanings.

Berliner began reciting a few personal details to show that he “fits” the public’s preconceived notion of an NPR staff member. “I’ll cop to that,” he admitted after explaining that he drives a Suburu, his mother was a gay peace activist, and Spotify says his music choices match those of residents of Berkeley, a notoriously liberal California college town.

Continuing, Berliner explained that although NPR was open-minded for most of his tenure, everything changed “in recent years.” He accused the company of producing a “distilled worldview” of important issues to meet the demand of a “very small segment” of the American public.

According to Berliner, “an open-minded spirit no longer exists” at NPR. He said things started to fall apart shortly after Donald Trump’s 2016 victory over Hillary Clinton. He noted that NPR writers and editors began pushing “rumors that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia.” He said that the topic quickly “became that catnip” that drove the direction of NPR’s reporting.

Berliner said NPR “hitched [its] wagon” to Rep. Adam Schiff (R-CA), one of “Trump’s most visible antagonists.” By his count, NPR interviewed the liberal lawmaker on 25 separate occasions about Trump’s alleged Russian ties. Eventually, Schiff’s anti-Trump talking points consumed the media outlet’s coverage, becoming “the drumbeat of NPR news reports.”

Making matters worse, NPR ignored Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s final report exonerating Trump and continued its populist smear campaign against the former president.

NPR quickly published an article under the auspices of responding to Berliner’s allegations. In truth, they instead criticized him for violating the company’s trust by not clearing his article with NPR heads before he published it on TFP.

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