New York Times Under Fire for Allegedly Doctoring Hunter Biden Quote

( – The New York Times is facing criticism after misleading reporting on the ongoing Hunter Biden scandal. Recently, the president’s son held a press conference on Capitol Hill, when he gave an ambiguous statement about his father’s role in his controversial business dealings. The Times misquoted it as a much clearer statement that left President Biden in the clear. Now it’s been forced to correct its inaccurate story.

On December 13, Hunter Biden spoke to journalists on Capitol Hill, shortly before he was due to appear in a private session with House investigators. During his press conference, he claimed the president was “not financially involved” in his business — but when the story appeared in the next day’s New York Times, the word “financially” was mysteriously left out.

It’s a small change but makes a big difference to the meaning of the statement because the big worry is that Biden senior’s involvement in Hunter’s business centered on his status as a US senator and, later, vice president in the Obama administration. Hunter’s statement left that open as a possibility, but the way the Times worded it made it appear that Biden had no involvement at all — and that isn’t what Hunter said.

The press conference appears to have been a stunt by Hunter, who was subpoenaed to appear at a private session of the House subcommittee that’s investigating whether there’s enough evidence to impeach his father. He’s agreed to give evidence but is refusing to attend a private session, claiming he’s worried Republican lawmakers will leak and distort his testimony. Defying the order to appear, Hunter — who has been indicted on multiple firearms and tax evasion charges — challenged legislators to question him publicly.

Leading Republican investigators, including House Oversight Committee chair James Comer (R-KY) and Judiciary Committee chair Jim Jordan (R-OH) have warned Hunter that, if he doesn’t attend, they could hold him in contempt of Congress. It looks like he has decided to call their bluff. Unfortunately for him, they’re probably not bluffing.

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