New York Floats Criminal Charges for Bus Companies Transporting Migrants

( – New York City’s migrant crisis is overwhelming its services and racking up tension between Mayor Eric Adams and his fellow Democrats. Now it’s pushing him into desperate measures. The Biden administration won’t stop the flood of illegal immigrants across our southern border; Adams hopes he can stop Texas busing them north instead.

On December 27, Mayor Adams issued an executive order dealing with buses full of migrants arriving in the city. Under the new rules, any bus company bringing migrants to NYC must contact the city’s Emergency Management Office 32 hours before they arrive. They’ll also only be allowed to drop off immigrants between 8:30 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. and they have to do it at a designated Manhattan location.

Adams says the move “is not stopping people from coming but about ensuring the safety of migrants,” and should ensure they reach the city “in a coordinated manner.” In a video conference he said people who need help shouldn’t be arriving unannounced and at all times of day. He said his executive order will make sure migrants get help on arrival. How that’s going to happen when the city’s migration budget has been completely wiped out, and he’s having to cut services to pay for emergency accommodations, wasn’t mentioned.

Adams says he’s not trying to stop people coming, but he’s certainly giving bus companies reasons not to bring them. He warned that if bus companies don’t comply with the new rules, there could be a stiff price to pay. Potential penalties could include fines, legal action, and impounding of buses.

Whatever Adams does, he’s just tinkering around the edges. The real problem is Biden’s refusal to control illegal immigration. The administration is even threatening to sue Texas over the state’s efforts to stop the inflow. Texas has had enough, though, and Governor Greg Abbott is determined to make liberal northern cities share the pain.

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