Musk Triggers Anti-Gun Advocates with Warning about Arming Civilians

( – Liberals have been mad at tech entrepreneur Elon Musk since he bought their favorite social media app, Twitter, then renamed it and unblocked all the conservative accounts that had been banned by its previous owners. Now he’s upset them again. This time the South African-born billionaire took a strong pro-Second Amendment stance, and gun grabbers are furious.

On October 15, a user on X (formerly Twitter) who uses the name End Wokeness posted a message that claimed “The past 3+ years have been one long infomercial for the 2nd amendment” and then listed a series of events, including Black Lives Matter-inspired race riots, mass illegal immigration, and the lockdowns during the pandemic, as reasons why we need the right to bear arms. That annoyed Liberals, of course; then Musk stepped in to annoy them even more.

Musk replied to End Wokeness’s post with a firm and clear statement, He said “As tragic as the mass-shootings are, armed citizens are essential to the defense of democracy.” His post quickly racked up over 62,000 likes and attracted approving comments from 2A advocates. Aidan Johnston, a director at Gun Owners Of America, was one of many who reposted it with their own positive comments. It’s unlikely to have gone down well with the Biden administration or anti-gun lobby groups, though. Despite having claimed during his campaign that he was pro-gun, Biden’s actions make it clear he would like nothing better than to reimpose the so-called “assault weapons” ban.

In fact, while Biden would love to crack down on gun ownership, his policies are actually encouraging it. Firearms sales rocketed during the lockdowns, and they remain high, buoyed up by fear of rising crime and illegal immigration. Now Musk has come out in favor of guns. That’s likely to make the government even more determined to persecute him — Biden’s Justice Department already has a lawsuit filed against his rocket company, SpaceX, complaining that he won’t hire illegal immigrants — but Musk is rich enough that he doesn’t seem to care.

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