Musk Rips into Soros — Here’s Why

( – Since Elon Musk took over Twitter — now rebranded as X — last October, it’s a lot easier to express conservative opinions on the social media platform. Now Musk has explained that he bought the site to “rescue” it from Liberals. In the process, he swung a hard blow at far-left billionaire George Soros.

Appearing on the “Joe Rogan Experience” podcast recently, Musk took aim at the influence wielded around the world by Soros. The Hungarian-born financier has donated the bulk of his fortune — over $32 billion — to the Open Society Foundation, which he founded and controlled until he handed it over to his son in June. The Foundation is relentlessly left-wing and so far has already spent more than $15 billion on promoting liberal causes. In the US alone it’s funded hundreds of left-wing political candidates and donated to a host of liberal PACs. Musk isn’t impressed.

In a ferocious but well-argued blast to Rogan, Musk said Soros “fundamentally hates humanity” and is “doing things that erode the fabric of civilization.” He particularly called out Soros’s funding of district attorneys who won’t prosecute criminals, saying that’s a big part of the problems now destroying cities like San Francisco. Soros-linked donors raised more than $620,000 for former San Francisco DA Chesa Boudin, who was elected in 2019 — then recalled and booted out in 2022, after his policies fueled a massive surge in crime. Musk compared the city, in the aftermath of Boudin’s disastrous tenure, as “a zombie apocalypse… the end of civilization.”

Musk also hammered extreme environmentalists — who are also heavily funded by Soros — as having “gone way too far” and believing humans should die out; he went on to call them a “death cult.” Finally, he let rip at the previous management of Twitter, who were notorious for censoring right-wing viewpoints. He told Rogan he’d bought the platform because, under far-left control, it was harming society. Maybe he should buy the Open Society Foundation next.

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