MTG’s Request to Probe Willis is Denied

( – Trump co-defendant Michael Roman’s legal team filed a motion to dismiss the indictment in the Fulton County, Georgia, case. The 127-page document accused District Attorney Fani Willis of hiring her secret boyfriend to serve as a special prosecutor on her RICO case against former President Donald Trump and 18 co-defendants. The following day, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) submitted a criminal referral against Willis to Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (R). On January 18, he denied her request.

Kemp’s office appeared to downplay the governor’s decision. Conspicuously, it didn’t issue a statement or otherwise announce his declination. However, Breitbart News spoke with a Kemp spokesperson about the situation.

The spokesperson confirmed that Kemp urged Greene to refile her criminal referral with the state’s oversight committee. He claimed state law had a process for addressing disciplinary matters involving county prosecutors. The spokesperson explained that the Georgia General Assembly “laid out a specific oversight process” that was “transparent and unbiased.”

However, Kemp’s mouthpiece left out one pertinent piece of information. Last November, the Georgia Supreme Court issued an unsigned order expressing their “grave doubts” about the creation of that commission and refusing to approve the rules laid out by Georgia lawmakers detailing its operating procedures and authority. As a result, the commission is currently blocked from operating in any capacity.

Republicans and allies of the former president lashed out at Kemp for declining to take action on Greene’s referral. GOP operative Mike Davis noted that the governor had the statutory authority to “order a criminal investigation” into the allegations against Willis.

Greene followed up with Breitbart News by discussing the urgency of the situation. Noting that Trump isn’t the only person impacted by Willis’ sham indictment, she explained that the former president and his co-defendants were “being drained” of their money by having to hire lawyers. “They have incredible stress” over the situation overflowing into their “families’ lives.” She concluded her remarks by warning that Willis’ prosecution was “affecting real people in Georgia.”

On the plus side, on January 8, the judge overseeing Willis’ prosecution scheduled a hearing into the allegations lodged against her for February 15. Judge Scott McAfee gave her until February 2 to file a response to the allegations presented in Roman’s motion to dismiss.

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