Michigan Rep Denounces Democratic Party After Pro-Palestine Rally

(RightWing.org) – As Israel hits back against the Hamas terrorists who slaughtered over 1,200 of its citizens in a vicious surprise attack, the US left is rallying around the Palestinians. At least, many of them are, leading others to re-evaluate the friends they’ve made.

Within hours of the October 7 attack by Hamas terrorists, and while Israeli troops were still hunting down and eliminating the last of the killers, the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) released a statement proclaiming that they were “steadfast in expressing [their] solidarity with Palestine” and accusing Israel and the US of provoking the slaughter.

The next day, supporters of Palestine held an anti-Israel march in Times Square, New York City, protesting against an Israeli response that hadn’t even happened yet. The DSA’s New York chapter decided to promote the protest — but some of the organization’s members aren’t happy.

On October 11, Representative Shri Thanedar (D-MI) said he was renouncing his DSA membership over the group’s support of the protest. In a post on X (formerly Twitter), he said he “can no longer associate with an organization unwilling to call out terrorism in all its forms.” He slammed the march as “hate-filled and antisemitic,” and blasted the DSA for “equivocation in the face of unadulterated evil.” Then he added that he stands with Israel and supports its right to self-defense.

Thanedar, who has Indian ancestry, is a freshman representative on the left of the Democratic Party. This isn’t his first dispute with the DSA, though. In fact, the organization was already planning to expel him after he met Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Now it won’t get the chance.

The DSA’s stance on the Hamas atrocities seems to be splitting the organization. Comedian Sarah Silverman, a long-time member, has also renounced her membership over the issue. In a furious rant filled with four-letter words she called the DSA a “f***ed up, arrogant, ignorant, piece of s**t group.” It looks like the socialists have gone beyond the point of no return for some of their members.

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