Major Migrant Pathway Faces Shutdown

( – President Joe Biden’s administration has essentially propped open the door on America’s southern border and encouraged a flood of illegal aliens to enter the country, sometimes literally cutting down physical barriers and escorting them in as seen in Eagle Pass, Texas. However, there is the possibility that the flow might be cut off if a newly minted world leader can manage to keep one of the campaign promises that got him elected and interrupt the caravan routes out of South America where people from all over the world begin their trek north.

Closing the Gap

Panamanian President-elect José Raul Mulino got 34% of the vote on May 5 in the crowded eight-candidate field; nearly 10 points over the next highest-ranking contender. He started this election cycle in the vice presidential slot on the Realizando Metas (RM/Realizing Goals in English) party ticket, but when former President Ricardo Martinelli was sentenced to 10 years in prison and declared ineligible for a second term Mulino was declared the primary candidate.

The Darién province of Panama is a mountainous region covered in a tropical rain forest, and the “Gap” of the same name runs along the country’s border with Columbia, dividing the North and South American continents. It is estimated that a record 520,000 migrants crossed the rugged terrain in 2023, a figure which will likely be eclipsed in 2024 and a stark difference from the roughly 6,500 in 2020. It’s this divide that Mulino has promised to close.

Human Rights Watch (HRW) describes the Darién Gap as the only place where a trip from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, to Tierra del Fuego along the Pan-American Highway is made impossible by a 60-mile break. Despite that, and the lack of any cell phone service, it has “become a major transit route for ‘irregular migration’ (which the European Union defined as being “outside the regulatory norms” and hence, a euphemism for illegal migration).”

Making one’s way through Darién is fraught with danger where immigrants could easily injure themselves in the rugged terrain in the middle of a jungle and become prey for wild animals, either of the local fauna or of the numerous human criminal organizations operating in the area. Many reports say women making a crossing are particularly vulnerable to sexual assault in the form of outright rape or as a type of currency to pay for “help” along the way.

Beyond the financial strains the influx of illegal immigrants has put on Southwest border states and Blue cities trying to deal with it, there is also a potentially huge threat to America’s national security if conservative pundit Laura Loomer is correct. She has visited the Darién Gap and spoken with people making the dangerous trip including those from the People’s Republic of China whom she believed were agents of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Many, including the HRW, believe that Mulino’s idea to close passage across the gap may be an uphill and eventually futile battle even with cooperation from the governments in Washington D.C. and Bogotá. For the health and safety of the migrants and the security of the United States, it’s very important that he succeed.

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