Lawyer Wants FBI to Release Epstein’s CCTV Footage

( – A lawyer who represents several of Jeffrey Epstein’s victims is calling for the FBI to release the late financier’s security camera tapes. Some of Epstein’s former employees say he recorded everything that happened on his properties. Attorney Spencer Kuvin hopes the video will prove allegations of abuse against prominent men.

On January 7, Kuvin, who has represented nine women Epstein abused, says US law enforcement is holding tapes that could confirm allegations made by the disgraced billionaire’s victims. Court documents unsealed on January 3 list several incidents, including an alleged one involving Prince Andrew.

According to Epstein’s former housekeeper, Juan Alessi, the British royal spent “weeks” at Epstein’s Florida home and received daily “massages.” The prince is also alleged to have touched one woman’s breast in Epstein’s Manhattan house. He denies all the allegations made against him. Now Kuvin hopes Epstein’s tapes will provide evidence.

Kuvin says he walked through Epstein’s Florida house after federal agents searched it and saw “numerous cameras and computer hard drives that were missing.” He claims the FBI in Palm Beach, Manhattan, and the US Virgin Islands seized those devices and are now holding the video they contained. So far, the FBI hasn’t confirmed that it holds any video that backs up the allegations; Kuvin wants some answers. He told reporters, “Where are the videos? That is what the population needs to see.”

Although Epstein is dead and his accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell is in prison, the truth about his activities is still obscured. Many more women have come forward to claim they were abused by him or the many prominent people he associated with over the years. As long as there are suspicions vital evidence is being hidden, the scandal isn’t likely to fade away. With at least two former presidents named in the latest batch of documents, the truth matters –- and a lot of people think the FBI is helping to conceal it.

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