Lawmakers Express Concern About Migrant Evictions

( – Democratic-led cities like Chicago have operated as beacons of hope for incoming migrants for years by providing housing, legal services, and other taxpayer-funded perks. The Windy City recently updated its Limited Stay Shelter Policy and started evicting asylum seekers from its 26 citywide shelters and 19 wards with shelters, raising concerns among some local lawmakers.

On March 20, the Chicago Sun-Times published a report detailing mounting concern among local lawmakers and their growing battle with City Hall over those evictions. The newspaper explained that city officials started evicting migrants on March 17 due to its new 60-day shelter stay limit.

So far, less than a dozen have been tossed, but recent data suggests that city officials will force roughly 2,000 migrants to leave those shelters by the end of April.

Alderman Andre Vasques, a Democratic Socialist representing Chicago’s 40th Ward, recently spoke out against the city’s Democratic Mayor, Brandon Johnson. He noted that Chicago already had “thousands” of homeless people wandering the streets. Continuing, he warned that Johnson’s “plan” to evict scores of migrants from shelters would “add to those numbers.”

Turning his attention to Joe Biden, Vasques said, “The president should do more” to address the growing number of migrants flooding across the border. He also called out Biden for failing to take executive action to ensure that migrants waiting for their immigration hearings can legally work so they can pay for their own housing.

However, Vasques didn’t toss any blame Biden’s way regarding the rising homelessness problem plaguing Chicago or City Hall’s decision to impose a two-month limit on shelter stays. He said Johnson alone bore the responsibility for the pending flood of homeless migrants, stating that “when it comes to [migrants] being kicked out [onto] the streets, that is solely the [mayor’s] decision.”

Johnson responded to the mounting criticism after a recent City Council meeting. He claimed that “local municipalities [weren’t] designed” to deal with international crises like immigration.

Johnson also attempted to deflect blame onto Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX), saying he “needs to find a soul,” a reference to his efforts to transport migrants out of his state and into blue cities.

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