Kohberger Prosecutors Issue Warrant for Amazon History

(RightWing.org) – Prosecutors investigating Idaho murder suspect Bryan Kohberger have issued a search warrant for his Amazon purchase history. They suspect he might have bought the murder weapon from the online retailer. Now they want to find out exactly what he was buying.

On November 13, 2022, a masked, black-clad attacker fatally stabbed four University of Idaho students at a house in Moscow, Idaho. On December 30, police arrested 24-year-old Kohberger on suspicion of the killings after surveillance cameras showed a car similar to his near the crime scene and DNA evidence linked a knife sheath left at the scene to his father. Now investigators want to find out what other weapons he had access to.

On May 10, prosecutors served Amazon with a search warrant asking for all payment methods linked to Kohberger’s account, as well as everything he added to his cart, the contents of his wishlist, and any reviews or comments he submitted. They also asked for “all detailed customer click activity pertaining to knives and accessories.” Then, on August 1, they served another warrant on Apple, asking for details of all devices linked to his account, all his messages, and records of his devices’ locations. Court records show several other warrants sent to a variety of web companies and social media platforms; clearly, investigators are taking a deep dive into their suspect’s online activities.

Kohberger denies the killings and has attempted to challenge the DNA evidence linking him to the scene. His trial was originally scheduled to begin on October 2, but on August 23, his attorney told the court his case wouldn’t be ready by then, and she needed more time to analyze the evidence against her client. With Kohberger waiving his right to a speedy trial, the case was delayed. So far, no new date has been set.

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