Johnson Urges Biden to End Border Crisis Once and for All

( – The flood of illegal migrants entering the US from Mexico is the biggest of the Biden administration’s many failings. For the last three years, it’s looked as if the president isn’t even pretending to care about securing the border. Now the House Speaker is making a last effort to get Biden to deal with the problem.

On January 17, the new House Speaker, Representative Mike Johnson (R-LA), appeared on Fox News’s “The Ingraham Angle.” During his talk with host Laura Ingraham, he talked about his recent meeting with President Biden to discuss the border crisis.

Ingraham speculated that the White House would have tried to “strong arm” him — but Johnson dismissed that. He said, “No one is strong-arming me,” and explained that he’d told Biden he has the authority to end the crisis (and reminded him that he’d actually caused it with his actions). He told the president that Republicans have a list of 64 of his executive actions that have caused this situation and pointed out that no new laws are needed to solve it.

Johnson is challenging the president to undo everything he’s done to weaken border security since he took office. Of course, that would mean Biden admitting he’d made mistakes. Nevertheless, Johnson has some leverage. Biden wants to send more military aid to Ukraine, but he can’t get that through the House without Republican votes.

Congressional Republicans could also force a government shutdown if Biden continues to drag his heels on the border. Johnson hasn’t hesitated to point that out; on January 16 he told reporters the border must be the administration’s top priority.

Biden would rather focus on other things, including Ukraine and the Israel-Gaza conflict, but Republicans have had enough of illegal immigration, and under Johnson’s leadership they’re likely to take a hard line on the president’s spending plans unless he finally gets on top of our national security.

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