Hunter Biden Received $1,000,000 for “Legal Services”

( – Hunter Biden is facing deepening legal problems, with twelve federal indictments now laid against him. He should be able to cover any fines he ends up with, though. It’s just emerged that a Chinese associate paid him $1 million for legal work –- even though he hadn’t actually done any.

Patrick Ho is a Hong Kong-born Chinese politician with a somewhat checkered past. A former ophthalmologist, he got involved in Chinese Communist politics in the early 1990s and held roles in Hong Kong’s provincial government after the 1997 communist takeover.

After leaving the government in 2007, Ho went into business and played a major part in China’s notorious “Belt and Road” trade scheme. Along the way, he worked with Hunter Biden, and in September 2017, Ho paid Biden a $1 million retainer for “future legal services.” In the engagement letter, Hunter agreed to repay the money if he didn’t provide Ho with a million dollars worth of legal services. Just two months later, Ho was arrested in New York and charged with bribery and money laundering; Hunter wasn’t involved in the case, and there’s no evidence he’s done any other work for Ho either.

In fact, Ho didn’t actually make the payment until four months after he was arrested. There’s no evidence that Hunter has provided any legal services to Ho. It’s unclear why a Chinese businessman would pay a US lawyer such a large retainer just to have him available for legal services he MIGHT need in the future, and it’s not as if the US is exactly short of corporate lawyers, either.

What’s so special about Hunter Biden that Ho felt the retainer was justified? That’s hard to say –- but the official letter of engagement putting him on retainer was copied to Joe Biden. Why that happened is another mystery; after all, the president has always denied being involved in his son’s business dealings.

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