Hunter Biden Claims FOX News Dehumanized Him

( – President Biden’s son has given an interview to a liberal media outlet, complaining about how he’s being treated by the press. According to Hunter Biden, Fox News is collaborating with former president Donald Trump’s supporters and Russian agents to “dehumanize” him. He’s already threatening legal action against Fox; now he’s trying to whip up sympathy, too.

On May 19, The Daily Beast published an interview with Hunter that focused on his ongoing legal troubles. His battles with the law haven’t been going well recently. This month his attempts to have both his trials — on tax evasion and federal gun charges — postponed were rejected. He’s also faced a financial blow; Hollywood lawyer Kevin Morris has been bankrolling Hunter’s legal defense, which so far has cost an estimated $10 million, but now he says he can’t afford to pay anymore. Hunter is now scrambling to put together a fund to cover his bills.

Now it seems he’s decided to go on the attack. He told The Daily Beast that Fox News is “dehumanizing” him by pointing out that he’s a drug addict. Hunter says his addiction isn’t an excuse for his actions, but added that it’s “not an excuse for them to dehumanize” him and other addicts. He also accused the network of using him to damage his father’s political career.

Biden’s lawyers have written to Fox — running up even more bills he can’t pay — accusing the network of conspiring with Trump associates and “pro-Russia foreign nationals” to damage his reputation. He wants Fox to publicly retract and apologize for many of its statements.

The network is defiant, though. In a statement, Fox slammed Hunter’s legal team for an “attack” on its “constitutionally protected coverage,” and pointed out that the president’s son is a public figure who’s admitted guilt for multiple crimes. The statement said Fox had covered these events and its right to do so was protected by the First Amendment.

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