Harvard Punishes Students Involved in Anti-Israel Protest

(RightWing.org) – US colleges are finally bringing anti-Israeli protest camps under control — and student ringleaders are facing consequences for their actions. Even famously liberal Harvard University, which sparked a controversy in December when its former president refused to condemn anti-Semitic students, is punishing the worst offenders. Several have been suspended or blocked from graduating.

On May 17, the Harvard College Administrative Board took action against almost 30 students who took part in a pro-Palestinian encampment in Harvard Yard. The protest disrupted the university for almost three weeks. The students who organized it are now facing heavy sanctions. Five have been suspended and over 20 put on probation.

Two organizers of the protest recently told the student newspaper, The Harvard Crimson, about the action the college has taken. Suhaas M Bhat says he was put on academic probation and won’t be allowed to graduate this semester, after being charged with taking part in the encampment and violating the university’s Statement on Rights and Responsibilities. Bhat is alleging that the college, in turn, has violated his right to freedom of speech, although that right has never included freedom from consequences.

At least 60 Harvard students are believed to have been reported to the Administration Board, and over 20 were placed on involuntary leave of absence. Students had been warned that if they continued the protest they risked suspension but many defied the order.

The students ended the protest after reaching a deal with interim college president Alan M Garber, who took over after his predecessor, Claudine Gay, was forced to resign over her refusal to give a yes or no answer to whether calling for the genocide of Jews would violate Harvard policies. It seems the students assumed the deal would include leniency for the encampment’s ringleaders even though Garber didn’t make that offer.

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