Gospel Singer Dies after On-Stage Collapse

(RightWing.org) – Latin American gospel music fans are mourning the loss of a young Brazilian singer who suddenly died during a live performance. Here’s what we know.

On December 13, social media influence Lôise Abreu hosted a private religious concert in the northeastern Brazilian city of Feira de Santana, Bahia. Video of the event shows 30-year-old singer Pedro Henrique performing his popular hit song “Vai Ser Tão Lindo” (“It’s Going to Be So Beautiful”).

The clip shows him interacting with the audience when he suddenly starts falling backward and collapses on the stage. Horrified, the audience watched as several individuals rushed to offer assistance to the unconscious singer.

However, local media outlets reported that Henrique died shortly after collapsing. Rádio 93 FM reported that members of the singer’s band said he suffered from an unexpected, massive heart attack.

Todah Music, Henrique’s management company, posted a statement confirming the singer’s death later that day. The firm wrote that they believed the popular local act would hold a “prominent place in the great Heavenly Choir,” where he would sing “The Cross was mine” or remind people on earth that God will honor their descendants.

Continuing, Todah Music wrote that the singer’s voice would live on through the many lives he touched by singing the Gospel of Jesus. The management company concluded its remarks by expressing condolences to Henrique’s family and friends.

Henrique is survived by his wife and gospel influencer, Suilan Barreto, and his newborn daughter, Zoe. Barreto posted a brief statement on her Instagram account addressed to Henrique on December 14. She vowed to love him forever, take care of their daughter “like you always dreamed,” and stay with his mother, Rute, and offer her comfort and support.

News outlets reported that Henrique developed a passion for music as a toddler. He launched his professional career by uploading some of his songs on YouTube in 2015. He later joined a local band and recorded an album with them before pursuing a solo career in 2019.

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