GOP Pushes Back on UN Initiative to Change American Diets

( – Founded in October 1945, the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) spearheads global efforts to defeat hunger by improving food security and nutrition. Recent reports indicate the specialized agency plans to introduce new measures to combine its long-standing mission with the UN’s goals to address climate change. However, some GOP lawmakers are pushing back on a portion of that plan that calls for Americans to change their diets.

On November 30, the United Nations launched its annual Climate Change Conference (COP28) in Dubai. The group promoted the gathering as a “landmark event” in the worldwide effort to ensure food security and combat climate change “for present and future generations.” To that end, the FAO plans to unveil its first-ever Global Roadmap to bring the world’s agrifood industry in line with the mandates set forth by the Paris Climate Agreement.

Bloomberg recently reported that the FAO’s roadmap recommends that developed nations like the United States that “over-consume meat,” limit their use of animal-based foods. The United Nations agency’s plan is non-binding, but it plans to present a series of new memorandums of understanding intended to hold member states accountable for the roadmap’s recommendations.

As one might expect, some Republican lawmakers are pushing back against those recommendations. For instance, Rep. Glenn Thompson (R-PA), the head of the House Agriculture Committee, sent a statement to Fox News Digital expressing his concerns regarding the UN’s latest stunt.

Thompson explained that America’s food producers are the nation’s “climate heroes” because of their ongoing efforts to reduce greenhouse emissions “while [supplying] abundant and affordable food.” He continued by stressing that “regulating” ranchers and farmers out of business wouldn’t reduce climate change. Instead, it would result in exporting food production services to “foreign countries” led by “hostile regimes.”

Cutting to the chase, Thompson wrote that the world needed American ranchers and farmers more than the United Nations.

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