Famous Actor Defends Biden’s Mental Acuity

(RightWing.org) – President Joe Biden faces mounting issues surrounding the public perception of his mental abilities, leading to concern among Democrats about his prospects of defeating former President Donald Trump in November. Sixty-three percent of all participants in a recent Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll said he was too old to serve as president, and 57% indicated he was mentally unfit for office. As if on cue, legendary film actor Michael Douglas recently defended the president’s mental acuity.

On April 21, CNN aired an interview with the 79-year-old Academy Award-winning actor. Host Fareed Zakaria asked Douglas about his thoughts regarding Biden’s age. He defended the president, stating that Biden appeared “sharp as a tack.”

Continuing, Douglas explained that everyone has memory issues as they get older. “We forget names,” he noted. Douglas also claimed that Biden’s “entire cabinet,” including Vice President Kamala Harris, indicated that they were “more than happy to work with [Biden] again on a [second] term.”

Douglas concluded his remarks by noting that the upcoming presidential election was probably the “most important one” of his lifetime and stressing the importance of down-ballot races.

Douglas isn’t the only liberal Hollywood figure to shore up Biden’s presidential aspirations and support his effort to secure a second term. For instance, Jeffrey Katzenberg, the former head of Walt Disney Studios and co-founder of Dreamworks SKG, serves as the co-chair of the president’s re-election campaign.

Last year, Katzenberg dismissed polls showing that Biden’s age was a top voter concern and his mental sharpness one of the president’s greatest liabilities. He told the Financial Times that Biden has demonstrated that he’s “80 years young… [and] is fit and engaged and has a high level of energy.”

Conversely, Special Counsel Robert Hur’s February report deepened Biden’s political problems. Remarkably, Hur characterized the president as a sympathetic figure unlikely to be convicted by a jury for his alleged mishandling of classified documents. In one alarming passage, he called Biden a “well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory.”

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