Carlson Dares Liberal Outlet to Interview Him

( – Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson recently launched a two-stop tour in Canada. You might recall that last year, at about the same time, he called on US officials to send armed forces to invade our neighbor to the north and “liberate” it from the country’s ultra-liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. This time, he drew wild applause from an Alberta crowd after he dared a liberal news outlet to interview him.

On January 24, Carlson kicked off his Canadian tour with an event in Calgary. The sold-out crowd of 4,000 fans broke out with wild applause after he challenged the notoriously woke Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC) to interview him backstage and air the conversation on television.

Carlson gave a speech before the roaring crowd and conducted two question-and-answer sessions alongside Alberta Premier Danielle Smith. She’s also the leader of Canada’s United Conservative Party. Like Carlson, she’s a former media personality.

The two discussed a wide array of topics, including the rise of oil production in Canada and the US, despite calls by the two countries’ liberal leaders to start using green energy sources.

Carlson spent considerable time at the event, tearing into the leftist policies embraced in Canada’s liberal circles. For example, he spoke out against the country’s Medical Assistance in Dying (MAid) program — a legalized form of doctor-assisted euthanasia. He called it an unconscionable form of “genocide.” He also criticized Trudeau’s lax immigration policies.

Carlson also spoke before a sold-out crowd of roughly 8,000 in Edmonton the following day. He rehashed his complaints from his Calgary event and discussed the importance of Christian values during these difficult times. 

American media outlets have been reporting about the possibility of Donald Trump choosing Carlson as his running mate. So far, the former president hasn’t indicated who he might name to accompany him on the Republican ticket. 

Carlson spoke to POLITICO shortly before he left for his Canadian tour. He said he wouldn’t respond to any questions about his future plans, saying it was a “fruitless endeavor” for journalists to cover events that hadn’t happened. The news agency reported that Carlson abruptly ended their call to catch his plane. “I’m gonna […] liberate Canada,” he proclaimed.

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