Bishop Barron Talks to Megyn Kelly About Annulments

( – Conservative commentator and former Fox News and NBC host Megyn Kelly has interviewed one of the top Catholic churchmen in the US. The pair discussed marriage, and how the Catholic Church can — or in fact can’t — “annul” them, and also talked about Kelly’s current crisis of faith. Despite her doubts, she and Brennan turned out to agree on many things.

On March 31, Kelly, who now has her own show on SiriusXM, posted an interview with Bishop Barron, the bishop of the diocese of Winona-Rochester. An influential clergyman who has attracted a lot of attention in the church with his successful efforts to reach out to young people, Barron is also a former theology professor and an expert on Catholic doctrine.

Kelly told the bishop she’s been “going through the process of getting an annulment of my first marriage” so she can have a church wedding with second husband Douglas Brunt, who she married in a civil ceremony in 2008. In fact, what the Catholic church does is issue a “declaration of nullity”; this doesn’t end the marriage — it declares the marriage never existed at all.

It seems Kelly isn’t enjoying the experience; she told Barron that instead of helping her renew her faith, the paperwork involved in the process is “driving [her] in a different direction.” She complained that she’s having to “jump through hoops” to improve her relationship with God. However, Barron explained the process is driven by the church’s “deep respect for marriage,” and said she needs to be patient.

Despite her frustrations, Kelly confirmed she still respects Catholicism’s traditions. She told Barron she’d tried an Episcopalian church as an alternative, but walked out after a female priest gave a sermon that backed transgender ideology. Compared to that, Kelly said, the “strict” and “sometimes weird and intrusive” rules of the Catholic church have been familiar to her all her life. Barron agreed, saying those rules can be seen as either oppressive or traditional.

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