Biden Admin Waives 26 Laws to Fund Border Projects

( – The Biden administration has suddenly decided border security is a good idea after all. For almost three years, the president has insisted that building a wall on our border with Mexico isn’t necessary and wouldn’t work anyway. But, since illegal immigrants started flooding into blue states, a wall has abruptly become a priority.

On October 4, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas announced that the government plans to start building border fences in the Rio Grande Valley sector, calling it “an area of high illegal entry” and saying we need physical barriers. The move is a major U-turn for Biden, who campaigned for office promising “not another foot” of wall would be built during his presidency.

Now he’s trying to claim Congress has left him no choice but to spend the money allocated for walls in 2019 on actually building walls. The president said he tried to get Congress to re-appropriate the money for other purposes but had been turned down. Something Mayorkas repeated in a press release on October 5.

Is it just a coincidence that Biden decided he needed to build walls just after Democrat governors Kathy Hochul (NY) and Maura Healey (MA) blasted his administration for losing control of the borders? Possibly — but it seems very strange that he waited until Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) started busing migrants north and relocating them to Democrat-run cities. With his own voters suddenly exposed to the consequences of his open border policies, he’s at last been forced to do something about it.

One expert pointed out that if Biden really didn’t want to build walls he could just have let the money get tangled up in red tape so nothing ever got constructed. Instead, he’s waived no less than 26 federal laws — including major pieces of legislation like the Clean Air Act — to make sure wall-building can go ahead at the maximum possible speed. That isn’t the act of a man who’s been forced into something he doesn’t want to do.

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