Bezos’ Ex-Wife Donates to Far-Left Groups

( – Billionaire author and philanthropist MacKenzie Scott recently launched a searchable online database to track her donations going back to 2019, the year she divorced Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. Her Yield Giving website details the more than $17 billion she has donated to over 2,300 non-profit groups. A recent report by the group confirmed that Scott is donating money to far-left groups.

On March 19, Yield Giving issued a press release updating interested parties on the latest information regarding this year’s round of donations. The notice advised that more than 6,000 non-profit groups applied for money. A group of peer organizations evaluated the applications, followed by a second-round evaluation panel that formally approved the release of funds to 361 community-based organizations.

Yield Giving claims the groups will use the money to advance the “voices and opportunities of individuals and families” of modest or meager needs. The funding will also assist categories of people facing “discrimination and other systemic obstacles,” like ex-cons and illegal immigrants.

What this really means is that a significant share of Yield Giving’s donations will be used to fund radical, woke groups that challenge societal norms. Several media outlets conducted a deep dive into this year’s funding allocation and uncovered some disturbing trends.

For instance, Yield Giving donated roughly $122 million to provide legal aid and other services to 67 advocacy groups working with migrants. Examples of beneficiaries of that money included the Tennessee Immigrant and Refuge Right Coalition (TIRRC) and the Florida Immigrant Coalition (FIC). Each group received $2 million.

The TIRRC’s primary mission involves fighting to block Tennessee’s ongoing effort to expand illegal immigrant enforcement actions. Similarly, the FIC is pushing back against Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ (R) crackdown on illegals who commit crimes within the state.

Media outlets reported that Scott also gave $18 million to groups promoting clean energy. Likewise, Yield Giving donated $72 million to 43 organizations promoting LGBTQ+ causes, like supporting the so-called rights of boys who identify as girls to compete in female athletic programs as transgenders. The organization also provided nearly $120 million to prisoner advocacy groups assisting convicts.

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