US Would Create Drone “Hellscape” If Taiwan Invaded

( – Tensions between Taiwan and China are at an all-time high. The island nation just elected its new president who has been trying to converse with Beijing to little avail. There are concerns that China could invade Taiwan to bring it back under its rule. If it does, a top US official says that there’s a plan in place that would hold off the aggressor until the US could respond.

Deploying Drones

Speaking with The Washington Post columnist Josh Rogin, Adm. Samuel Paparo, the new head of the US Indo-Pacific Command, said the primary goal is to keep China from viewing Taiwan as an easy target. He said the nation is looking for “a short, sharp war so that it is a fait accompli before the world can get their act together.” Paparo’s job, he said, is to make sure that “between now and 2027 and beyond, the US military and the allies are capable of prevailing.”

The admiral noted that China would likely perpetrate a massive attack with little to no warning, exactly the opposite of what Russian President Vladimir Putin did with his invasion of Ukraine. To keep the Asian giant in check, Paparo said the US military would deploy thousands of submarines, aerial drones, and surface ships. This would flood the waterway separating the two and give Taiwan a fighting chance.

It would also give the US time to mount a full response. Paparo’s plan is “to turn the Taiwan Strait into an unmanned hellscape,” though he said he couldn’t elaborate any further.

US Obligation to Taiwan

One of the main questions posed is does the US have an obligation to defend Taiwan. President Joe Biden has said he would, before walking back the statement and saying it depends on the situation. Per the Taiwan Relations Act of 1979, the US has an implicit commitment to defend the island should China use military force.

With tensions increasing, and China carrying out the recent operation “Joint Sword,” where it looked as if military ships were surrounding the island after new President Lai Ching-te took office, it’s a real threat that Taiwan has to prepare for.

The US is likely to face issues with the Hellscape plan, though. Funding is one, per Rogin, but also the equipment China has at its disposal to attack should it want to. Plus, there’s the timing of ensuring the plan can effectively be enacted with minimal warning.

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