Trump’s Stance on Controversial Abortion Ban

( – Democrats managed to stave off some of the expected red wave during the last midterms due largely to the Supreme Court’s landmark decision to overturn Roe v. Wade less than five months before the November 2022 elections. This year, they are attempting to use that same strategy, presumably to distract voters from Joe Biden’s obvious mental decline and the abject failure of Bidenomics. Donald Trump recently reiterated his position on abortion to provide clarity to American voters.

On June 20, the presumptive Republican nominee sat down for a remote interview with the “All In” podcast. Trump and the four co-hosts discussed a wide array of topics, from the nation’s economy to nuclear energy’s future role, foreign policy to border security, and several other topics of interest as the calendar quickly advances to the November election. They also talked about abortion and the president’s stance on a national ban.

Co-host Jason Calacanis started that portion of the discussion by reminding listeners/viewers that the former president appointed three people to the Supreme Court and delivered on his promise to eliminate Roe v. Wade. “This might be the issue that determines the election,” he added.

Cutting to the chase, Calacanis asked the former president if he planned to advance a nationwide abortion ban. “Would you support that?” he asked.

Trump said the nation didn’t need a national ban because the matter was “up to the states now.” The former president also stressed that the federal prohibition had been in place for 51 years, and the American people wanted the issue removed from the federal government’s control and moved to the individual state governments to decide. “I got that done,” he remarked, adding, “It was a big deal.”

The former president said people had been discussing limiting the procedure. “They started talking about the number of weeks and this and that,” he explained. However, he told the hosts that the nation’s legal experts — on both sides of the aisle — all agreed that the states should decide whether or not to restrict abortions.

Trump also confirmed that he believed in three exceptions to any restriction: rape, incest, or to save the mother’s life.

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