Trump Vows to Restore America’s Borders

( – Joe Biden has spent the last three-plus years annihilating his predecessor’s strict border policies, creating an unprecedented wave of illegal migration. He recently attempted to pull a fast one on potential voters by declaring a new executive action — one that Republicans point out does absolutely nothing to stem the flood of migrants pouring into the country. Donald Trump recently vowed to restore America’s borders upon his return to the Oval Office next year.

The former president addressed the Biden administration’s failure to secure the nation’s southern border during a campaign speech in Racine, Wisconsin, on June 18. Trump told attendees there has never been a border anywhere like the one the US currently has under Biden — “where probably 17 to 18 million people… have entered the country illegally” during the last few years.

Trump said he would fight for American workers as president and not for “the Biden illegals.” He also stated his intention to “fight for American dreamers,” not smugglers of women and children.” Trump also vowed to “restore” the United States’ “sovereign borders… so help me God.”

The former president warned that Biden and his Democratic accomplices were giving illegal migrants “free welfare,.. health care, food stamps, and chain migration,” a reference to a loophole that allows some migrants to bring other family members into the country.

Trump explained that Biden is “granting mass amnesty” to millions of illegal migrants who managed to cross the border. He warned that “a deluge of illegals” are immediately handed green cards and placed on a “fast track to rapid citizenship” as part of an effort by Sleepy Joe to secure enough votes for a second term.

However, the former president predicted that many of the migrants would cast their votes for him in November. Trump supported that claim by pointing to the rising number of blacks and Hispanics supporting his effort to secure a second term.

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