Trump Launches Sneaker Amid NYC Ruling Controversy

( – President Donald Trump has an uncanny ability to make the most out of any situation. For instance, a New York judge recently issued a controversial ruling ordering him to pay nearly $355 million in a civil case involving his family business. Undeterred, he recently decided to launch a line of sneakers amid the fallout from that trial.

On February 17, Trump announced his new athletic shoes at Philadelphia’s annual Sneaker Con event. The collection includes two designs. Trump told attendees that selling the shoes was something he “wanted to do… for a long time” and predicted they would be a “big success.”

Predictably, the limited edition “Never Surrender High-Tops” sold out within hours of Trump’s announcement. The online marketplace noted that they are “bold, gold, and tough,” just like the 45th president. They are gold patent leather with an American-flag-styled top and gold laces. They also feature two “T” badges.

Trump only sold 1,000 numbered pairs, with “at least 10” bearing his autograph. Those customized sneakers will be randomly shipped to people in July with the others and weren’t available for sale as a separate item.

For $199, MAGA fans can purchase the POTUS 45, white knit high-top sneakers. They feature a gold “T” badge on one side and a golden, winged “45” on the other. They also have “POTUS 45” on both sides of the heel with an America flag on the side with Trump’s initial.

The “T-Red Wave” sneaker is available at the same price. However, the “T” and winged “45” are featured in silver instead of Trump’s trademark gold. The lower-price sneakers aren’t limited, and the company’s site estimates purchases will ship in August.

The sneakers all come with a set of spare laces and a numbered “Trump Superhero Charm.”

Diehard fans can also purchase “Victory 47” cologne and perfume, a reference to his anticipated November victory over Joe Biden, the nation’s 46th president. The cologne is encased in a “luxurious gold bottle” adorned with Trump’s bust. The perfume bears a golden “T” atop an elegant white bottle. Both cost $99 and ship in June.

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