Trump Backpedals on Social Security Comments

( – Donald Trump is not a conventional politician by any stretch of the imagination. One of his most effective tactics is presenting possible scenarios for public consideration. He then steps back and observes what proposals are met with approval and which ones don’t reverberate with voters. Then, after careful consideration, he aligns his policy objectives with the expressed will of the American people. His recent stance on Social Security and other federal benefits serves as a perfect example of that strategy in action.

On March 13, Breitbart News published an exclusive article detailing the media company’s recent interview with Trump. Breitbart asked the former president about recent remarks he made about Social Security. Trump confirmed that he would “never do anything” that would “jeopardize” or otherwise harm the federal government’s Social Security or Medicare programs.

Trump affirmed his recent statements that one of his priorities if he secures a second term as president would be cutting government waste. But, Trump explained that he would look for other ways to reduce needless government spending. “We’re not going to do anything” to disrupt those vital programs, he concluded.

The former president’s remarks came about after President Joe Biden’s campaign lashed out at Trump over remarks he made during an appearance on CNBC’s “Squawk Box” on March 11. Host Joe Kernan raised the issue of some of the “stark policy differences” between Trump and Biden. He pointed out that when it came to entitlement programs, he didn’t see much of a difference between Trump’s and Biden’s positions.

Continuing, Kernan asked Trump if he had changed his “outlook” on the proper way to handle entitlement programs like Medicaid, Medicare, or Social Security. The reporter also expressed his opinion that something had to give with those programs, or the government would be “stuck” at a debt level approaching 120% of the nation’s gross domestic product.

Trump responded that several options were available regarding cuts to entitlement programs. He also raised the issue of poor management of those services and potential theft. Clearly thinking out loud and tossing some thoughts out there for public review, he also theorized that there was a “tremendous” potential for adjustments to federal entitlement programs to eliminate waste.

However, what Trump didn’t do was say he planned to make cuts to Social Security or other federal entitlement programs. He took his usual route in discussing the situation — he raised some points for public consideration.

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