Texas DPS Makes Sad Discovery in Rio Grande

(RightWing.org) – President Joe Biden’s failed immigration policies have attracted tens of thousands of migrants to the nation’s southern border, thinking that entering the country under his watch is all but guaranteed. However, Mother Nature doesn’t take sides, leading to some disastrous events in recent weeks. For instance, a woman and her two children drowned attempting to cross the Rio Grande River in mid-January, and the Texas Department of Public Safety (TxDPS) recently made another sad discovery in the river that separates the US and Mexico.

On January 20, TxDPS Spokesperson Lt. Chris Olivarez posted a statement on his X/Twitter page announcing “another tragedy” involving a migrant attempting to cross the Rio Grande. He advised that earlier that day, a Tactical Marine Unit recovered the body of an unidentified male from a shallow part of the river south of a public park near Eagle Pass.

TxDPS officials closed the 47-acre site, Shelby Park, on January 11 at the directive of Texas’ Republican Gov. Greg Abbott as part of Operation Lone Star, the state’s action plan to address the mounting border crisis in the face of an inadequate federal response. A week later, Abbott signed a measure (SB-3) into law, making illegal immigration a criminal offense under state law.

Abbott recently posted a statement detailing the accomplishments of Operation Lone Star since the program’s March 2021 launch. They included the apprehension of nearly half a million illegal migrants, more than 38,500 criminal arrests, and the transport of nearly 102,000 migrants to sanctuary cities.

A few hours later, Olivarez posted a statement stressing the importance of Texas officials taking the lead on the border crisis within their jurisdiction. He noted that the federal government had failed to “discourage [and] prevent illegal border crossings” over the last three years. He explained that, as a result, the administration had “contributed to a record level of deaths.”

Olivarez estimated that roughly 2,300 illegal immigrants had died since 2021 as the result of “drownings, heat exhaustion […] or hazardous conditions” related to human trafficking.

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