Subway Slasher Arrested After Skipping Court and Stabbing Child

( – Pretrial detention serves several purposes. For instance, the courts use it to ensure a defendant’s appearance at trial. Perhaps most importantly, confinement protects public safety by keeping potentially dangerous offenders off the streets. However, recent news reports indicate a breakdown in that system regarding a subway slasher who skipped court and stabbed an infant and one other individual while out on bail.

Philadelphia media outlets recently reported on the April 13 arrest of Takeira Hester. Police officials confirmed they arrested the 28-year-old suspect after she reportedly stabbed a one-year-old infant as his parent pushed his stroller outside the Temple Beth Zion-Beth Israel synagogue in the city’s central business district at around noon. She also allegedly stabbed a 24-year-old woman who was walking down the street six blocks away from the baby boy’s stabbing shortly before 8:00 a.m.

Deputy Police Commissioner Frank Vanore told reporters that both incidents appeared to be “completely random attacks.” He confirmed that Hester used a knife with a long blade during both assaults. Police Captain Frank Banford noted that Hester tried to stab the infant’s twin “but only got one child.” He confirmed that the one-year-old sustained stab wounds in both arms.

Assistant District Attorney Amanda Hedrick told local news outlets that county jailers were holding Hester after a judge imposed a four-million-dollar bail order. Prosecutors charged the suspect with aggravated assault and attempted murder. The following day, the Philadephia District Attorney’s Office said prosecutors charged Hester with a third attack but didn’t provide additional details.

Stunningly, New York media outlets reported that law enforcement officials recently issued an arrest warrant for Hester after she skipped a Manhattan Criminal Court hearing on an unrelated criminal case. She faces NY charges for allegedly attacking a person who attempted to intervene when Hester attacked a woman on a southbound train at the Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall station in late October 2022.

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