Sen. Graham Warns Biden Will Need Presidential Immunity

( – Since the Biden administration took office in January of 2021, it has weaponized the justice system against former President Donald Trump at every opportunity. Now that move might be about to backfire. An influential Republican senator has just warned that Biden should be praying for presidential immunity over his disastrous failures on border security.

Furious Senator Blasts Biden, Border Chaos

Talking to Fox News on June 23, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said President Joe Biden’s policies have “poured gasoline” on the crisis at our southern border. Since Biden took office, at least 2.5 million illegal migrants have crossed the border and been allowed into the US. Hundreds of thousands more — possibly millions — may have come across without being seen by Border Patrol. Some of those immigrants have been involved in high-profile crimes, including several murders. Senator Graham isn’t in a forgiving mood about those crimes.

Calling Biden’s policies “reckless,” Graham pointed out that Biden has abused a “limited” parole statute, which under Trump allowed around 5,600 people into the US. By contrast, Biden has let around a million people in, overwhelming detention sites.

One of those million was Jose Antonio Ibarra, who was paroled from a Border Patrol facility in El Paso, Texas, in September 2022 because it had run out of space. As Lindsey pointed out “There’s nothing in the statute that says you can go cause you’re full.” This February, Ibarra allegedly beat Augusta University student Laken Riley to death in Athens, Georgia.

Graham highlighted Riley’s murder as he went on to discuss presidential immunity. The US Supreme Court should soon rule on whether Trump has presidential immunity for some of the offenses he’s been indicted for. Democrats are attacking the court, threatening to impose an ethics code on the country’s top judges. Graham warned that, in the circumstances, that might not be the smartest idea.

Graham Warns Biden Could Face Charges

The senator said Ibarra and other migrant rapists and killers had something in common — they “were in our custody and let go — I think, illegally so.” He went on to say the president “better hope and pray there’s presidential immunity,” otherwise he could be held criminally liable for the deaths of Riley and others killed by illegals.

Many Republicans are furious at the way Biden and other liberals have used the courts to attack Trump. If Trump wins in November, a lot of people are going to want to return the favor — and by letting so many illegal migrants into the country, some of whom went on to kill Americans, Biden has handed them plenty of ammunition.

As Lindsey warned, it would be best for the president if decisions about presidential immunity were left in the hands of the Supreme Court, and not made by the White House — because Biden won’t be in the White House forever.

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