Scott Calls for Haley to Drop Out of the Race

( – Nikki Haley (R) trails Donald Trump by 25.3 points (36.5 to 61.8) in her home state of South Carolina with less than a week to go before Republicans hold their primary. Overall, she lags behind him by 57.8 points (17.2 to 75.0), according to the latest RealClearPolitics polling average. Fellow South Carolinian, Rep. Tim Scott (R), ended his presidential bid in mid-November, and he recently suggested that Haley follow his lead and drop out of the race.

On Monday, February 19, Scott discussed the state of Haley’s campaign during an interview with Fox News Host and former Trump press secretary Kayleigh McEnany. She asked him why he thought Haley planned to go to Michigan following South Carolina’s primary on Saturday.

Scott responded that sometimes a person wakes up in the morning and realizes the best thing they can do is “to get out of the way” and end their campaign. Turning his attention to Haley, he told McEnany that he hoped Haley would reach that conclusion soon.

Scott complimented Haley, telling McEnany that she “ran the best race she could.” However, he stated the obvious — “her campaign has been descending.” Scott said her presidential run reeked of “desperation,” a clear sign “the race is already over” for her.

The South Carolina lawmaker concluded his remarks by stating that it would be in the best interest of the Republican Party and the country for Haley to drop her campaign so the GOP can focus on defeating President Joe Biden in November. Speaking for Trump’s campaign, Scott said its members would love to have Haley become “part of that team.”

Haley either didn’t get the hint or ignored it. The following day, she tricked media outlets into attending a press conference she called to discuss the current state of the presidential race. A flood of reporters attended her South Carolina event, expecting her to announce she was ending her campaign. Instead, she vowed to stay in the race “until the last person votes,” noting that only four states will have held their primaries by Saturday’s conclusion.

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