Saudi Arabia Cozies Up to China

( – The Democrats, led by President Joe Biden, have turned the rule of law into a weapon to use against their political opponents and have hit the pocketbooks of every American with rampant inflation that they are either unwilling or unable to get a handle on — and that’s just on the domestic front. Internationally, his so-called leadership skills have allowed things to deteriorate to the point that there are several problems with the potential to become threats to the national security of the United States.

Looking Elsewhere

For several decades now, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been very friendly with America and is typically seen as our strongest ally among the Muslim nations in the Middle East, at least until 2020. During the campaign leading up to that election, Biden accused Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (often called MBS) of ordering the murder of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi and vowed to make him a “pariah.”

The Saudis are a major importer of American weapons and other military equipment, including more than 200 variants of the F-15 Eagle fighter jet. This is why some experts are expressing concern over Defense Minister Prince Khalid bin Salman and other officials’ trip to Beijing for a meeting with his Chinese counterpart Dong Jun. The Communist nation’s Ministry of Defense (MOD) said in a press release that the two sides are looking to increase military cooperation that would include “personnel training and joint exercises and training.”

Former President Donald Trump made great strides in the Middle East in bringing the Arab countries together to help blunt the nuclear weapons ambitions of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Chinese President Xi Jinping brought the leaders of the two countries together and brokered a deal for them to reestablish diplomatic and other relationships and at least one pundit in the region proclaimed that “the world has entered a post-American era.”

As America speeds towards the next election showdown in November, Biden is desperately trying to win the Saudis back with promises that the US military will come to their aid if they are attacked and would help the country develop its own nuclear energy program. The administration is trying to include Israel in the deal, but the kingdom is demanding that they halt their war in Gaza and move towards a two-state solution.

Washington Post columnist Josh Rogin examined this in an op-ed and noted two major stumbling blocks, the first being it would need Senate approval which is unlikely because neither party would look at it kindly, if for differing reasons. The second problem he described is that the Israelis would react by telling Biden to perform a biologically impossible act with himself.

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