Russia Claims US Responsible For Deadly Missile Strike

( – It was just over two years ago that Russian President Vladimir Putin sent his military into the Ukraine mainland in what some experts say is part of his desire to relive his glory days as a KGB agent and reform the now-defunct Soviet Union. However, he started this mission in 2014 when he “annexed” the Crimea region, an act that, to this day, the United States does not recognize as legitimate. With this as the backdrop for a recent attack resulting in five dead and more than 150 injured civilians — with children in both categories — could become the flashpoint for an expansion of the scope of the war.


The casualties were among those enjoying a day at the beach in Sevastopol, Crimea when a flight of five US-built Army Tactical Missile System (ATACMS) rockets flew overhead and pieces of shrapnel from them (and possibly cluster munitions from their warheads) suddenly began raining down upon them. Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MID) issued a statement labeling it a “terrorist attack” and alleging that the programming for the coordinates was done by the American military and used the US reconnaissance satellite and Global Hawk drone to determine their targets.

The MID further alleged that the timing was specifically chosen to fall upon Holy Trinity Sunday which is one of the biggest holidays for the Russian Orthodox Church, according to the press release. A second statement announced that United States Ambassador Lynne Tracy was summoned to the Foreign Ministry and was delivered a démarche (an official diplomatic message on one country’s point of view to another) accusing Kyiv and Washington of launching “a well-targeted missile attack on civilians in Sevastopol,” and accused America of waging a proxy war against Russia.

The MID accused America of supporting the pro-Nazi regime in Kyiv and threatened that the action “would not be left unpunished [and that] retaliatory measures are certain to follow.” Meanwhile, the Russian Ministry of Defence [sic] claimed that the ATACMS rockets were aimed at infrastructure within Sevastopol and that counter-missiles shot down four of them outright and deflected one which appears to be the one that caused the civilian casualties.

Conservative lawmakers and pundits in America are pointing to President Joe Biden’s continued transfer of military equipment to Ukraine and his secret approval for its use against targets within the Russian homeland. Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) responded to a Conservative independent journalist’s post on X (formerly Twitter) that essentially accused the POTUS of taking these actions to gain popularity before the election. The congresswoman said that the border that needs to be defended is the one between the United States and Mexico and not one in Eastern Europe.

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