Russell Brand Reveals He’s Been Baptized

( – Controversial comedian Russell Brand has surprised fans by announcing that he’s been baptized. The British media personality says he’s found a new path in life after years of drug use and sexual assault allegations. He described his spiritual journey as “very exciting.”

After working as a child actor in the 1990s, Brand became well known as a presenter on MTV in 2000 at the age of 25 and soon branched out into stand-up comedy. By 2008 he was a well-known figure on both British and US TV and radio and had his own production company.

Things started to go wrong in 2008, when he took part in a controversial and obscene “prank” call to actor Andrew Sachs, who was extremely popular in the UK. Brand’s career also came with a trail of sexual assault allegations and reports of drug and alcohol abuse.

However, on April 24, Brand suggested that he had found a new path. In a post on X (formerly Twitter) he announced that he planned to get baptized that Sunday. In his message Brand discussed how people are cynical about the regrowth of Christianity, but said, “to me, it’s obvious.” He added that he’d considered being baptized in the River Thames, but was worried about pollution.

On April 29, Brand posted a video confirming that he’d been baptized the day before. Visibly excited, he called it “an incredible, profound experience,” and praised it for its intimacy and personal meaning. He also discussed how he’s used many drugs in the past, and been disappointed when they failed to give him the feeling of transcendence he’d been looking for. He said he felt “something changed” during the baptism, finally giving him that feeling.

He went on to thank his fans for their support, and said that although he was learning and would make mistakes, “this is my path now.”

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