Republicans Have Bizarre Reaction to Hunter Biden Conviction

( – President Biden’s son has just been found guilty of three federal firearms offenses. Many Republicans happily jumped on the news, but one conservative surprised people with his reaction. Representative Matt Gaetz (R-FL) downplayed Hunter’s conviction.

On June 11, a jury in Wilmington, Delaware found Hunter Biden guilty on three charges — lying on a federal form about drug use, lying to a gun dealer, and illegally possessing a gun. President Biden has said he accepts the verdict and ruled out pardoning his son, who is due to be sentenced in October. Republicans, outraged at what they see as the politically motivated prosecutions of GOP nominee Donald Trump, have generally been enthusiastic about Hunter’s conviction.

However, one prominent exception is Representative Gaetz. Commenting on X (formerly Twitter) just after the verdict was announced, he said it was “kinda dumb tbh.” Gaetz is definitely no fan of Hunter Biden — in March, he grilled the president’s son mercilessly during a congressional hearing — but he obviously doesn’t think the gun conviction is a big deal.

In fact, Gaetz isn’t the only one who feels this way. Charlie Kirk, the founder of Turning Point USA, was also unimpressed. Again on X, he said, “Hunter Biden guilty. Yawn” — then went on to say the “true crimes of the Biden Crime Family” haven’t been prosecuted, and claimed Hunter’s trial had been staged to hide bias in the justice system.

There’s no doubt Hunter’s conviction has fired up many Conservatives and made them even more determined to go after the president. Trump’s conviction on dubious business fraud charges has caused a lot of anger, and his supporters are delighted that the same legal system used to convict Trump has now snared Biden’s son too. It’s definitely satisfying — but Gaetz and Kirk are probably right that it isn’t actually going to make a big difference.

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